With an extensive range of grab samplers, we can sample anything from normal free flowing powders to cohesive sticky powders.

PowderThief - single point sampler ideal for use with free flowing powders

UP: The Powder and Granule Sampler Type 1030A

Sampling powders from a drum

Pharmaceutical Grade
We have developed a range of Pharmaceutical grade manual
(or 'thief') samplers, which have been specially designed to
meet the requirements of this industry. This includes small volume, unit dose sampling.

Drum / Container Sampling
Sampling Systems has a hug range of thief samplers for use with drums and barrels of all sizes.


Sack Sampling
Our specialist thief samplers are ideal when taking samples
from sacks and flexible IBCs.


Powder Thief Samplers are avaialble in a range of different lengths Special Sampling
If in the unlikely event we do not have a powder sampler that meets your requirements, we will design and manufacture a sampler for you.

Food & Grain Sampling
Our range of pharmaceutical quality samplers are ideal for sampling food products. They are manufactured for materials that are approved for food contact. In addition we have grain probes and grain triers

Single Use Disposable Samplers
Many of our re-usable stainless steel sample thiefs are also available as single use, disposable items. Click here for details.

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