Sampling Systems supplies a comprehensive range of liquid samplers. We have liquid sample thiefs suitable for all industries, incluing: pharmaceutical, food, chemcial as well as sample thieves for environmental sampling.

Phaermaceutical and Food Grade Samplers

Sampling Systems has a large range sampling equipment that has been specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our GMP correct liquid samplers are all manufactured from FDA acceptable materials and are constructed to be crevice free to prevent cross contamination.

Pharma grade samplers from Sampling Systems are used in pharma companies around the globe.

Environmental Sampling

Sampling Systems supply a range of environmental liquid samplers. The range includes surafce samplers as well as sampling thiefs to take samples from mid stream and the bottom of rivers, lakes and wells.

Goundwater sampling is made easy with our range of Sub Samplers (Bomb Samplers).

Single-use Disposable or Reusable Sampler?

Sampling Systems supplies a range of single use, disposable samplers – it is called the SteriWare® range. SteriWare® products are designed to be used straight from the bag and are ideal for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Alternatively, you can use a reusable sampler. These are designed to be completely stripped down for thorough cleaning.

Single Point or Cross Section?

A single point sample is where the sample is taken from a known point within the container. This is ideal if you want to be sure that your product is the same at the bottom of the container as it is at the top.

A Cross Sectional sampler will take a sample throughout the depth of the liquid. A Cross Section sampler will give you a single composite sample taken from a range of depths.

Sampling Systems offer a range of single point and cross sectional samplers for both lowand high viscosity liquids.

Our range is both varied and extensive. To ensure you get the correct sampler for your application, please contact Sampling Systems here and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest a solution or send you a full range brochure.