The FreeGlide®

The FreeGlide® is a highly innovative sampler that has been developed by Sampling Systems. The FreeGlide is able sample powder as it falls down a pipe. After sampling, the sample is dropped down the chute into a bottle or other container.

The smarter way to sample

The FreeGlide® Powder Sampler is the only in-line sampling device that is guaranteed not to stick or jam during operation. The special diaphragm within the sampler keeps the powder away from the moving parts

FreeGlide In-line Powder Sampler for installation in a downpipe

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The FreeGlide In-line Powder Sampler is easy to use

  • Guaranteed not to get stuck during operation
  • Suitable for in-line sampling of both free flowing and cohesive powders
  • Automatic and manual versions available
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing equipment
  • Made from hygienic stainless steel
  • Sampler can be quickly and easily stripped down for cleaning
  • ATEX rated versions available (EX II 2GD T4)
3D model showing the Freeglide sampling from a pipe

Manual or Automated ?

The FreeGlide Powder Sampler is available either manually operated (as shown above) or else it can be fitted with a pneumatic actuator.

Automated FreeGlide

Automatic FreeGlide In-line Powder Sampler fitted with an actuator

How it Works



FreeGlide when not taking samples.
The full bore of the pipe is available for powder flow.

The cup extends into the pipe
and collects the sample from the falling powder

Sample Discharge
The cup retracts and is then inverted to allow the powder sample to fall down the discharge chute

FreeGlide® Sizes
The FreeGlide® inline powder sampler is available in a range of different sizes to suit different pipe diameters from 100mm diameter upwards.

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Sample Collection

There are several methods of collecting the powder sample. The most common system is to clamp a bottle adapter to the end of the discharge chute. The bottle then screws into the bottle adapter. If a more high containment system is required then see the Split Butterfly system described below.

High Containment Sample Collection
Sampling Systems are proud to offer the ChargePoint Split Butterfly Valve for use with the FreeGlide Sampler. The ChargePoint Split Butterfly Valve clamps on to the bottom of the discharge chute.

FreeGlide with a high containment valve

Sample highly potent products easily and safely
with the FreeGlide and the ChargePoint Split Butterfly Valve

The ChargePoint Split Butterfly Valve has many features to enable you to achieve containment levels of


Manual FreeGlide fitted with a High
Containment ChargePoint Split Butterfly Valve

Where to use the FreeGlide


The FreeGlide can be used under virtually any machine where the product falls out under gravity. Typical applications include:

  • From pipework
  • Under mills
  • Under sieves
  • Packing stations
  • Charging stations

Further Information

Please contact Sampling Systems to find out how the FreeGlide can improve your in-line powder sampling.

Download the FreeGlide brochure FreeGlide Drawings and Sizes

Download the FreeGlide brochure Click here to view the FreeGlide brochure

Download the Chargepoint brochure Click here to view the ChargePoint Split Butterfly Valve brochure