Sample blenders are ideal for blending composite samples prior to analysis. The blenders shown below are small, GMP correct, rugged and simple to use and will allow samples to be prepared under standard repeatable conditions.

MultiBlend MB005

MultiBlend MB005 sample blender
UP: MB005 Sample Blender with V Shell

Bench top sample blender

The high specification of the MB005 makes it ideal for use in GMP laboratories. The standard machine has built in safety guard, digital timer, tachometer and variable speed.
    • All 304 grade stainless steel construction. 316ss contact parts
    • Interlocked safety guard
    • Complete with adjustable drum clamp (for drums 1 to 5 litres*)
    • Variable speed – 3 to 30 r.p.m.
    • Dual display digital timer – Range 0 to 100 minutes
    • Tachometer
    • Membrane control panel with the following controls:
  • Start Blend push button
  • Stop Blend push button
  • Increase Blend Speed
  • Decrease Blend Speed
  • Requires 230v 50Hz supply (other voltages on request)
  • Control circuits are 24v DC
  • Weight 40kgs
  • GMP correct design
MultiBlend LC005

LC005 Sample Blender
UP: LC005 Sample Blender with adjustable clamp
and fitted with a 1litre container

Economy sample blender

This durable, efficient bench-top blender is used in sites worldwide. Sampling Systems’ versatile powder blender is perfect for low-volume sample, laboratory and general purpose blending requirements.
  • All 304 grade stainless steel construction
  • Efficient asymmetric blending action
  • Complete with adjustable drum clamp (for drums 1 to 5 litres*)
  • Speed fixed at 28 r.p.m.
  • Timer – Range 0 to 30 minutes
  • On/Off Switch
  • Jog Button
  • Requires 230v 50Hz supply (other voltages on request)
  • Easily portable – weight 12kgs
  • Carrying handles
  • GMP correct design
*Volume being blended must not exceed two-thirds of the total container volume.

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